• Rob Hornberger

Town approves $442,500 purchase of new fire truck

Vehicle combines rescue, firefighting capabilities
Fire Chief John Quennell says the hybrid rescue/pumper truck made by New Brunswick-based Metalfab Fire Trucks will prove useful fighting shed and field fires in rural parts of Kingsville.

The town has approved the purchase of a hybrid vehicle for the Kingsville Fire Department which combines rescue and firefighting capabilities.

The purchase of the new rescue/pumper was scheduled for 2021, but was delayed by the pandemic and the hiring of a new chief.

The Canadian-made truck will cost $442,500.

Fire Chief John Quennell said the truck has four-wheel drive and will prove useful when responding to shed and field fires in rural parts of town.

“In the past the rescue (vehicles) that Kingsville has always had in their service were almost like taxis with no water or pumping capabilities. With this new rescue/pumper we will have pumping capability which will better serve the community,” Quennell said in an interview.

Rescue fire trucks tend to be first on the scene of a fire, followed by pumpers.

Quennell said the rescue/pumper will also contain Jaws of Life extraction equipment. He said the combination of extraction equipment and pumping ability will prove valuable in the case of car-fire accidents.

The new rescue/pumper will be stationed at the Cottam fire station.

“It’s needed. There is nothing worse than waiting for a pumper truck when you (could) have a rescue vehicle there with a dual purpose,” said Coun. Larry Patterson.

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