• Marilyn Farnworth

Staying Active with Marilyn: Stretches for tight calves, shins

Yoga poses bring relief for lower leg cramping

EDITOR'S NOTE: It’s strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning this or any exercise program.

Tightness or cramps in the calves and shins are very common to walkers, runners, endurance athletes and individuals who stand for long periods of time at work or home. Doing too much too soon or overtraining, as well as walking on uneven or hard surfaces, can place additional stress on these muscles.

To help combat this, Kingsville yoga and fitness instructor Marilyn Farnworth will demonstrate nine yoga stretches in this video — standing shin stretch, block/wall stretch, heel drop, thunderbolt, half split pose, tabletop calf stretch, walk the dog to three-legged dog, seated shin stretch and seated forward fold calf stretch. Applying ice and foam rolling may also provide relief.

Some preventive measures include: investing in proper footwear, performing warm up and cool down exercises, cross training, strength training and staying hydrated.

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