• Marilyn Farnworth

Staying Active with Marilyn: Stretches for glutes, hamstrings

9 yoga poses to loosen the lower back, hips

EDITOR'S NOTE: It’s strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning this or any exercise program.

Tightness in the glutes (buttocks), the largest muscle in the body, and the hamstrings, in the back of our thighs, can cause discomfort in the lower back and pelvis as well as tight hips and even knee pain.

To help combat this, Kingsville yoga and fitness instructor Marilyn Farnworth will demonstrate nine yoga stretches in this video — figure 4, pyramid, three-legged dog/split, forward fold/rag doll, standing hamstring stretch, seated forward fold, reclined big toe, knee to opposite shoulder and pigeon pose. These poses/stretches reduce the risk of injury, prevent low back pain and improve posture, flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

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