Jack Miner Wild Game Dinner returns as drive-in style event

KINGSVILLE — The Jack Miner Wild Game Dinner will be held in April, but this year the banquet will be done drive-in style.

Cancelled last year because of the pandemic, the April 10 dinner will be served curbside at the sanctuary. Diners have the choice of taking the meal home or dining in the parking lot and watching live entertainment.

“We’re going to have a live band for people to enjoy while they sit in their car and enjoy their meal,” said sanctuary executive director Amanda Everaert.

Everaert said she hopes social distancing regulations will be relaxed by April to allow live music at the gazebo.The meal next month will be water buffalo meat balls, pheasant stir fry, venison sausages, pickerel chowder, potatoes, coleslaw and a bun. The meals will be prepared on site by a catering company.

The wild game dinners sell out every year and the number of tickets sold is always capped at 300.

Everaert said the same number of tickets will be on sale this year. The $30 tickets can be obtained at the sanctuary, Everaert’s chiropractic office at 22 Heritage Road or online at jackminergamedinner.com. The deadline for purchasing tickets is April 2.

Everaert said she is being helped this year by a group of St. Clair College students who are studying event planning and created the website to promote the event and sell tickets.

She said the sanctuary hopes the event raises $5,000, which will be used to fund general operations.

In order to comply with health regulations — and not require diners to sign waivers — the meat is being supplied by an operation in St. Catharines that is certified to raise wild game. The day before the dinner the sanctuary will celebrate live on Facebook the official unveiling of the new brick wall in front of the sanctuary.

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